With our two different type of pasteurization machines, you can pasteurize Ravioli (Mantı) and Noodles. It moisturizes a them with the water boiling reservoir and sterilizes. Thanks to lower and upper fans, it provides endurance and brighess. This machine totally stainless steel.


Wet manti is passed through the vapor, moisturized with the boiling water in the machine reservoir and sterilized. The moisture is removed with lower and upper heaters.
It provides endurance and brightness with lower and upper fans at the outlet.
The pasteurization machine is a hygienic machine that is completely made of stainless steel wire band and frame.
It is called PM-100 and PM-70 due to band width.

Stainless steel body
Easy of use
Manti and noodle pasteurization
Cooling system
CE certificate
GOST certificate

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