The-art of this machine, you can have, 40 kg/hour standard very thin baklava dough product with only one person. This brand-new baklava dough machine becomes a favorite for baklava producers. In a short time, you have great standard quantity with this machine. Please note that,  Mateks Makina always at your disposal with his new technological machinery group as he did since 30 years.


The Mini Baklava machine is a machine producing baklava dough.
It produces baklava phyllo as thin as 50-70 microns like skin membrane.
The machine does not cause dough to rot as it is not an extruder type machine.
The dough does not lose its ability yo absorb oil and syrup, which is very important for baklava.

Stainless steel body
Easy of use
Min. 50 microns dough thickness
Cooling system
CE certificate
GOST certificate

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